Letters To

We receive many emails and letters from our troops sharing their appreciation for the pillowcases we have been able to send.

Here are some.

From: Richmond, Brian G USAF MSgt 455 EMXS
Sent: January 24, 2008
Subject: Operation Pillowcase

Dear Betty and Deborah,

My name is Brian Richmond and I am a recipient of one of the wonderful pillowcases that was sent in a package from the Blue Star Moms. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and my unit is from the Alaska Air National Guard where I have made my home. I am, however, a native Californian born in Oakland, where my parents still live. My mother is one of your compatriates in the Blue Star Moms, Bonnie Richmond of Oakland.

I wanted to thank you personally for the time and effort that you and all of the contributors put forth in building and sending care packages to us here. They are greatly appreciated by all and I really appreciate the pillowcase as an especially personal gift.

Thank you very much.


Brian G. Richmond, MSgt. USAF

From: Clifton Clayton
Sent: December 20, 2007
Subject: Pillow


My name is GySgt Clayton and I am a Marine stationed in Iraq. I just received a package from Blue Star Moms and in it contained this beautiful pillow case. I appreciate it and all of your support.

Semper fi


From: John Swicegood
Sent: December 16, 2007
Subject: Operation Pillowcase


I am writing you to thank you for being a part of the Blue Star Moms care packages program. I received one of your pillow cases, a beautiful red tie-dyed (at least it looks that way) pillowcase with blue stars. Considering the time of the year, I felt it would be very much like a patriotic / Christmas present, and wanted to thank each of you (your emails were included on a small slip of paper included with the pillowcase) for whatever part you may have had in helping this little piece of your hearts and homes reach me oer here in Iraq.

I was so excited to receive the care package, but even more so the pillowcase. I know you don't know me from Adam, but I still wanted to thank you for doing WHAT YOU DO to help servicemembers' morale. A caring word, whether in a card or letter addressed "to any soldier" is a great pick-me-up, but something as personal as a pillowcase, which I will rest my head on at the end of the day, is so simple, yet so much more.

If you'd like, I'd be happy to take a picture with the pillowcase to send you.

Thanks again!


SSG John V Swicegood
1st BN, 28th Infantry
Baghdad, Iraq.

For those who have served, Freedom has a sweet taste that the protected will never truly know...

From: SMSgt Michael Pieraccini
Sent: December 16, 2007
Subject: Thank You

Betty and Deborah,

Thank you so much for the patriotic pillowcase I received in the mail. I know many of the troops serving here also received these pillow cases and are using them. I appreciate your time and generosity in preparing these items for us. Betty and Deborah I see that you have family members in the Air Force. Please thank them for their service, I hope they are close to home and can spend the holidays with your families. My son is a Marine. I thank God that he is home this year and can be with my family for the holidays. He was over here two years ago and I know what the families go through while their family members are deployed. I thank you again for your generosity and support.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

From: Towlekimball, Pia SPC MIL USA FORSCOM
Sent: December 14, 2007
Subject: Thank You

Ms. Burrow and Ms. Renck

Thank you so much for organizing "Operation Pillowcase," you, and all the other Blue Star Moms (and Grandmothers, and fathers, and all other family members) are doing wonderful things for the soldiers. My pillowcase is a beautiful stars and stripes print, with just enough glitter to be glamorous. It's a nice change from the boring pillowcases over here, and a nice reminder as I go to sleep at night that there are some wonderful people back home thinking of us.

I'm over here with a military police battalion, doing all sorts of interesting things, but mostly getting dusty, and I wanted to thank you so much for your nice reminder of home.

Thank You

SPC Pia Anne Towle-Kimball
HHD 720th MP BN

From: Kapp MSgt Richard (557 ERHS, Cantonments Superintendent)
Sent: December 06, 2007
Subject: Pillow case

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pillowcase you made with love. It made my eyes water to see the pillow case and read that two ladies with AF ties made it to show how much they care. I am a MSgt with over 23 years in and it has done this old mans heart good to know you care. Thanks for making my day and everyone elseís.

With great respect,

MSgt Richard Kapp
Acting First Sgt/Cantonments Super

From: Stefan, Christopher G. IT2 (SW/AW)
Sent: November 10, 2007
Subject: THANK YOU =)

Dear Ms. Burrow and Ms. Renck,

Two days ago I received a care package from the Blue Star Moms and in it was a custom designed pillowcase. It was sewn by Lois and donated by Carolyn.

Please pass on to them my utmost appreciation. I will never forget this act of generosity and support for the rest of my life. Thank you as well for all that you are doing to support us in this most trying time in our nationís history. It means everything to us.

Thank you and God Bless America.

Very respectfully,

Petty Officer Second Class Christopher G. Stefan
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
United States Navy

From: Scholl, Paul
Sent: April 17, 2007
Subject: Operation Pillowcase

Dear Betty and Deborah,

Thank you for your support and the support of the Riverside, California community for the Airmen of the 886th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron (ESFS). The men and women of the 886th ESFS are a group of people of which America has every right to be proud. They are performing an extraordinary mission under adverse conditions. Each day they demonstrate American resolve in the face of adversity. Each day they also demonstrate the humanity of our great nation as they perform their mission.

If these men and women, the ones you and your community have supported in such a unique manner, are the future of America, then America is truly in great hands. They are destined to become the next great generation. Their sacrifices and those of their families have placed them in concert with their predecessors in the Air Force and in the United States military.

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your support of my Airmen. They are a superb group of professionals and it is an honor to serve with each and every one of them.

May God continue to Bless you and your families and my your own Airmen remain safe under God's watchful eye.

Very respectfully,

Commander, 886th ESFS
Forward Operating Base Bucca, Iraq